We are non-traditional accountants and passionate business advisers
We get to know you, so we can be proactive and offer services that we believe can help you.
We recognise that value is personal.
You tell us what matters to you,
so we can help you achieve what you want.

Monthly from £60 plus vat

(Sole Traders)

Monthly from £80 plus vat

(Limited Companies)


Monthly from £20 plus vat


Monthly from £40 plus vat


Fees agreed in advance


Monthly from £20 plus vat


Fees agreed in advance

We pride ourselves on our non-traditional approach to accountancy. We are very experienced business advisers, as well as accountants. We feel privileged to have you as our client and have the opportunity to get to know your business. Our approach includes:

  • Fixed fees always agreed in advance, so no nasty surprises


  • Monthly payments from you, so no big chunks and an all year-round service


  • Regular communications from us in plain English, so they are meaningful and useful


  • An experienced business adviser who looks after you and is interested in your business


  • Meetings at times and places that suit you, so you don’t have to come to us Mon-Fri 9-5

Your business is likely to change over time. By investing our time getting to know you, we can change with you.

We know that the accountancy and tax services we provide are essential to your business, but not necessarily exciting for you. Our clients trust us to take care of these essentials, but often look to us for more than that.

As well as accountancy professionals, our team includes experienced business consultants who have helped hundreds of businesses, large and small, to achieve their potential.

As businesses develop, they tend to move through four development stages.

We understand the unique challenges you will face at each of these stages and can provide tailored support when you need it.



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We're specialists in looking after owner-managed business and understand that you need a package of support that is tailored to your individual needs.  If you are interested in finding out more about the services we can offer you, then please do contact us for an initial chat.

01273 466529
e're more than just accountants
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